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64-bit Applications

Automated Testing of 64-bit Applications

The growth of 64-bit platforms encourages companies to create 64-bit versions of their products. For many companies, porting their 32-bit applications to a 64-bit platform is just a matter of time. So, it is essential for companies to have an automated testing tool that is able to thoroughly test 64-bit applications.

TestComplete offers out-of-the-box automated testing support for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications and supports all essential software testing types to help you ensure the highest quality possible of your products before delivery. Equally suitable for both experienced test engineers and those who are new to testing, TestComplete offers visual as well as scripted test creation and assists in performing thorough automated testing with minimum effort. Even if your company doesn’t produce 64-bit software yet, you can benefit from TestComplete’s support for 64-bit Windows operating systems to automate testing of your products in as many environments as possible.

Superior 64-bit Application Testing

TestComplete provides out-of-the-box support for 64-bit Windows, .NET, Java and Qt applications and automates all kinds of internal and UI testing. Its easy-to-use environment, rapid test development tools and powerful feature pack enable QA teams to perform effective automated testing in less time. Famous for its ability to “automate the non-automatable”, TestComplete allows you to perform an unlimited range of testing-related tasks — almost anything you can imagine. Whether you need to automate functional, unit or regression testing – TestComplete helps you test faster, more reliably and saves you money.

Automated Tests Independent on the Application Bitness

Automated testing of 64-bit applications with TestComplete does not differ from testing 32-bit apps. TestComplete can record and replay actions over 64-bit apps, validate them with checkpoints and access their internal elements just like it does for 32-bit apps. Also, TestComplete’s automated tests are not dependent on the bitness of the application under test, so the same test can be used with both 32-bit and 64-bit application versions. This means that automated tests recorded or created for the 32-bit application version work equally well for the 64-bit version, and vice versa. So, with TestComplete test development for 32-bit and 64-bit application versions and test maintenance are faster and easier.

Conditional Test Logic Based on the Application Bitness

TestComplete provides special features for distinguishing between 32-bit and 64-bit processes. This allows testers to implement advanced test logic and verifications based on the tested application’s bitness.

Enhancing Automated Tests Using 32-bit and 64-bit DLL Functions

TestComplete’s automated tests can call functions from external DLLs, which allows testers to extend the functionality and flexibility of their automated tests. On 64-bit operating systems, calls to both 32-bit and 64-bit DLLs are supported, so that testers can leverage DLL versions matching the bitness of the application under test.

Get started with Testing your 64-bit Applications and try TestComplete for free.

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