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Android Mobile Testing

Real Device and Emulated Mobile Testing

TestComplete lets you create and run automated tests on real Android phones, Android tablets as well as emulators and virtual machines. You can create a mobile test once and run it on multiple Android devices to make sure your app works correctly on all screen sizes and orientations. This is done by connecting your Android device via USB to the Windows machine in which TestComplete is installed. Testing of mobile Web apps is also supported.

No Rooting or Root Access Required for Android Tests

There’s no need to root Android devices to use them for mobile testing with TestComplete – it will work with any stock phone or tablet. You can automate Android application testing even with bring-your-own devices (BYOD).

Object Based Android Testing

TestComplete provides full object access to the test application and supports all common Android UI controls out-of-the-box. High-level operations that are used include: touch an on-screen object, toggle switch, select a list item or object property check. Since object-based tests do not depend on the screen coordinates of the objects, they can be run on any Android device with any screen resolution and aspect ratio for effective device fragmentation testing.

Native Object Method Access

TestComplete sees beyond the app UI. With 1-line instrumentation, testers get access to all native properties and methods of objects in Android apps – just like developers have in IDEs. This gives testers almost unlimited possibilities for application automation and validation –frontend testing and backend testing.

Multi-Touch Gesture Recording and Playback

Mobile gestures are a great way to enrich any user experience in the mobile realm, and TestComplete can test them. TestComplete offers you the flexibility to record a library of multi-touch gestures directly from devices: swipe, pinch, long touch, drag and drop, scroll, etc. Then, use these recorded gestures in any tests that you create, like macros, to make your automated tests as realistic as actions of real users.

Extensive API Library for Low Level Device Access

With TestComplete, you are not limited to using just Android GUI test automation. Mobile functional testing involves much more than assessing the UI. The TestComplete mobile test function library provides you with the following built-in capabilities, making your Android testing more effective and thorough:

  •     Deploy and run apps on devices automatically
  •     Mock GPS locations
  •     Read various sensor data
  •     Check battery status
  •     Simulate outgoing calls and send SMS
  •     Get device & Android OS info
  •     Execute shell commands
  •     Capture desktop screenshots

Get started with Android Mobile Testing and try TestComplete for free.

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