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Cross-Browser Testing with TestComplete

The goal of cross-browser testing is to make sure that your website or web application behaves correctly in any browser. Performing a multiple browser test is sometimes very challenging and can cause many Quality Assurance departments a lot of headaches. Performing cross-browser verifications manually is time consuming, since most of the browser versions cannot co-exist with each other.

TestComplete makes cross-browser testing easy. It hides many of the specific browser implementations details, allowing the user to focus on testing of user interaction through common interface.

Browser-Independent Tests

In TestComplete all the pages are grouped around the new Browser process. All the pages that are a part of the test as well as the actions performed on them do not depend on the browser that was used to create the test. The operations can be reproduced on any other browser in the same way it is captured in the Keyword-driven test. A similar approach is used in scripted tests.

Figure: Keyword driven web test utilizing the new Browser process in the TestComplete Workspace

Cross-Browser Testing Automation

With browser independent tests it is easy to create test suites that repeat the same test under different browser registered on the test machine. Below is an example cross-browser test implemented as a keyword test that invoked individual browser and runs the same test on each of them.

Testing Multiple Browser and Windows Versions

To test different combinations of web site versions, browser and operating system versions you can take advantage of the support for distributed testing and additional TestExecute licenses. Distributed testing lets you automate testing on a wide variety of physical computers in test labs or on virtual machine images in virtual test labs. You can use virtualization systems like Virtual PC, Virtual Server, VMWare Workstation, VMWare Server or any other similar tools. Also, to automate management of virtual machines like powering machines up and unloading them after the tests are done you can take advantage of SmartBear's Automated Build Studio.

Automatic Handling of Browser Messages and Dialogues

TestComplete provides a unified browser interface for working with commonly used browser messages and dialogs like JavaScript alerts, prompts and confirmations, standard authentication dialogs and some others. It works with them using new browser-independent objects. When creating your scripts you do not have to check the browser type or modify your tests depending on the browser type.

Different web browsers use different properties to return text of web page elements. For instance, in Internet Explorer you use the innerText property while in Firefox it is textContent. TestComplete provides browser-independent property contentText that specifies text of the web elements under test and it works with all the supported browsers.

Supported Browsers

  •     Microsoft Internet Explorer 7—11 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) and applications with the embedded Microsoft WebBrowser control
  •     Mozilla Firefox 24—26
  •     Google Chrome 32
  •     Opera 12, 17, 18
  •     Apple Safari 5.1.7

Get started with Cross-Browser Testing with TestComplete download free trial.

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