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Delphi Applications

Superior and Flexible Automated Delphi Testing

TestComplete provides comprehensive automated testing support for Delphi applications and boasts several industry firsts, especially a uniquely flexible, user-oriented approach. With TestComplete, automated tests can be recorded or constructed as script-free visual keyword-driven tests, scripts in any of five supported languages, or a mixture of both — whatever best suites the tester’s needs.

Support for Almost Every Delphi Version

TestComplete provides automated testing support for applications developed in Borland Delphi 7.0 and later, including Embarcadero Delphi XE4 and 64-bit Delphi applications. Delphi for .NET applications are also supported out-of-the-box. In addition, TestComplete runs on all major Windows versions — Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows editions,so that companies can verify the quality of their Delphi products across multiple operating systems. All of this, including the powerful features that make TestComplete the ultimate test automation solution for Delphi developers.

Smart Object Recognition and Recording

TestComplete can automate major VCL and CLX controls, both standard and third-party, including complex controls such as grids. It captures actions over controls as object-aware (item selection, button click, and so on) rather than coordinate-aware, so that automated tests are flexible and resistant to the application’s UI changes. Low-level analog recording is also possible, in case you need to simulate exact mouse motions, clicks and key presses at a specific speed.

Within automated tests, objects of the tested Delphi application are addressed using the same names that the objects have in the application code, which facilitates collaboration between testers and developers.

Access to Internal Methods and Properties of Application Objects

TestComplete enables testers go beyond capture-playback. It gives automated tests access not only to all onscreen VCL and CLX objects, but also to all published elements of the Delphi application under test. It can also provide testers with the same access to application internals that the Delphi IDE has, that is, access to objects’ published, public, protected and private methods, fields and properties, even in release builds. This way, TestComplete’s automated tests can read and write data directly to Delphi application objects and call native-code methods on them.

Automated Unit Testing

Being an all-in-one automated testing tool, TestComplete can perform not only functional (GUI) testing of Delphi applications, but also unit testing, so that test automation can be introduced in the early stages of application development. It also provides different kinds of unit test support and lets developers and testers use the one that best suits their needs. First, TestComplete supports the DUnit framework and can detect and run DUnit unit tests in Delphi applications. It also provides its own unit testing framework and a visual interface to manage and run unit tests that exist in the selected Delphi application from automated test projects. Finally, using TestComplete’s ability to see deep inside tested applications, testers can simply write unit tests within test scripts.

Get started with Testing your Delphi Applications and try TestComplete for free.

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