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HTML5 Application Testing

Testing HTML5 web sites

Create automated tests for web sites that include reach media content including the new HTML5 tags for video, audio and imaging including the <canvas> element as well as HTML5 Web Forms.

TestComplete provides out-of-the-box support for the HTML5 technology stack to help quality engineers verify the cross-browser consistency and reliability of modern HTML5 web applications.

HTML5 is a popular standard, extending the scope of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and it is often combined with JavaScript and CSS3 into powerful Rich Internet Applications.

HTML5 Browser support

Different browsers and different browser versions provide different levels of support for this emerging standard. TestComplete is frequently updated to support the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari browsers. TestComplete lets you automate cross-browser compatibility checking of your HTML5 applications. For more information and for the list of supported browser versions check Cross-Browser Testing with TestComplete.

Creating and Running Automated HTML5 Tests

With TestComplete you can automate functional testing of HTML5 web content similarly to how you would test your Windows desktop, or any other web applications. You can easily automate filling out forms that use new Input types – search, number, e-mail, etc. Semantic elements like <article>, <summary>, <details>, <progress> and others are also supported and you can interact with them and verify their data.

Record and Playback User Interactions with HTML5 Content

  •     Record keyword driven test cases against web sites utilizing HTML5 content including drag and drop actions.
  •     Record and develop test scripts in any of the supported scripting languages.

See test script types for more detail

Test Video, Audio and Graphics Content

  •     Access HTML5 objects like the <video> , <audio> , <canvas> and <svg> tags as well as MathML formulas, their native attributes, properties and methods even if they are not visible on the user interface.
    For example, you can control audio and video playback by calling the play and pause methods of the audio and video elements.
  •     Record region checkpoints to verify the graphic content of svg and canvas elements

Test CSS3 Properties
  •     Get and verify inline and computed CSS3 styles of web page elements.

Making sure that a web application looks the same across different browsers is an essential part of UI testing. For this purpose, TestComplete lets you read and verify inline and computed style attributes, including CSS3 attributes such as border-radius and box-shadow.

Automating Drag-and-Drop

Many interactive web applications use drag-and-drop similar to that of desktop applications. With TestComplete, you can record drag-and-drop operations and play them back consistently across browsers.

Working with Web Storage and Application Cache

TestComplete allows you to automate tests that require access to a web application’s local storage and session storage and it also supports testing of offline web applications that use HTML5 Application Cache.

Running and Managing the Tests

Once you create your automated HTML5 tests you can use TestComplete test management capability and additional TestExecute licenses to test your HTML application on different browser and Windows system combinations. Test run results are compared with data collected during test creation to determine whether your HTML5 application behaves correctly in a given environment.

Get started with Testing your HTML5 Applications and try TestComplete for free.
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