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iOS Mobile Testing

Real Device Mobile Testing for iOS - New in TestComplete 10.1!

With TestComplete, you can create and run automated tests on iPhones and iPads

  •     Create a mobile test once and run it on multiple iOS devices to make sure your app works correctly on all screen sizes and orientations
  •     Manage your devices in a device pool for easy access
  •     Test native applications or mobile web apps

No Jailbreak Needed

TestComplete doesn’t need you to jailbreak your phone or tablet. You can create and run tests on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or 7.

Object-Based iOS Testing

TestComplete sees individual UI elements in iOS apps, so you can create object-based mobile tests. Your iOS mobile tests do not use screen coordinates and can run on any iOS device – phones and tablets, with Retina and non-Retina screens and any screen orientation – for effective device fragmentation testing.

Access to Native Object Properties and Methods


TestComplete does more than simply show you the object IDs, it gives you access to all native Objective-C properties and methods of objects in iOS applications. You can verify the application’s internal state, talk directly to objects and automate custom operations.

Support for iOS Controls

TestComplete recognizes 18 popular iOS controls like table and text views, tab bars, sliders and others. It provides specific methods and properties for each object type giving you a ready-made easy-to-use instrument for simulating user actions on the controls and for retrieving data.

Gesture Automation

With TestComplete, you can simulate common user actions like taps, long presses, swipes and other single-touch gestures, so your tests can interact with iOS devices just like real users would do.

Automatic Application Installation

TestComplete can automatically install your tested application on iOS devices and clean up after the test runs. You can be sure your mobile tests always test the latest version of your application.

Get started with iOS Mobile Testing and try TestComplete for free.

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