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Mobile Web Testing

Mobile Web applications can be tested with TestComplete on the desktop using Google Chrome’s mobile browser emulation. You can create automated GUI tests and functional tests of your mobile Web apps, and make sure they work fluently on multiple mobile devices with different aspect ratios and screen resolutions.
Test Mobile Web Apps on Varying Screen Sizes

TestComplete helps you check how your web app adapts to different phones and tablets in both portrait and landscape modes, effectively performing device fragmentation testing. Test reports include automatic screenshots of every test step with your web app on different screen sizes, so you can easily spot UI inconsistencies.

TestComplete emulates the browser screen sizes. This lets you automate testing of web app contents targeted at different devices, such as landing pages for Android and iOS, or mobile and tablet versions.

Keyword Driven Mobile Web Mobile Web Testing

Using TestComplete, you can automate test cases without writing any code! Keyword driven tests are also available for mobile Web app testing, so you can record user actions, such as touches/taps, input and link navigation directly in the mobile browser emulator.

Built-In Mobile Browser Definitions

TestComplete has predefined browser profiles for iPhone, iPad, Nexus 10, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry and other popular devices, so you can get started quickly. Need to test on a custom mobile browser? TestComplete can emulate arbitrary user agents and screen sizes, too.

Get started with Testing Mobile Web Applications and try TestComplete for free.
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