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Qt Applications

Testing Qt Applications

Qt Application Support This professional, versatile automated testing tool is built for applications created with a variety of development tools and technologies, including Windows applications built with the Qt GUI toolkit. Equally suitable for both technically savvy and inexperienced testers, TestComplete allows QA teams to automate all essential testing types over Qt applications using visually authored keyword tests, automated test scripts in any of the five supported scripting languages or a mixture of both. TestComplete provides a rich IDE for automated test authoring, debugging, execution and report analysis capabilities and power-packed features in one budget-friendly package with no extra add-ons to purchase.

Effective Automated Qt Application Testing

TestComplete offers out-of-the-box support for Qt applications and enables QA teams to automate all kinds of GUI and internal testing. Automated tests can be recorded or created from scratch, extended with checkpoints and dozens of built-in library functions, turned into data-driven tests and designed to perform an unlimited range of testing-related tasks — almost anything a tester can imagine. TestComplete is the only testing tool of its kind capable of “automating the non-automatable” and it allows you to perform comprehensiveQt application testing faster, more reliably and with minimum costs.

64-bit Qt Application Support

TestComplete can not only run on 32-bit Windows operating systems — it supports automated testing of 64-bit Qt applications as well. TestComplete’s flexible automated tests do not depend on the bitness of the Qt application under test — the same test works equally well with both 32-bit and 64-bit application versions. It is also possible to implement conditional test logic and advanced verifications based on the tested Qt application’s bitness.

Extended Qt Widget Support and Robust Recording

TestComplete offers extended automation support for major Qt widgets, including complex widgets such as tables, trees, menus and others, and can also be customized to support derived widget classes. Its powerful test recorder captures high-level object-aware actions (such as item selection, data entry, etc) rather than raw coordinate clicks, so that automated tests are stable and keep working after the UI changes in a Qt application. TestComplete can also record actions in low-level analog mode if you need to replay exact mouse motions, clicks and key presses at a specific speed.

Access to Internal Methods and Properties of Qt Objects

With TestComplete, testers can do much more than just traditional capture-playback GUI automation. It can access the Qt API and gives automated tests access to all public properties and methods of the tested Qt objects — without any changes in the Qt application under test. Depending on the application compilation settings, TestComplete can also expose all public, protected and private properties and methods of Qt objects for use in automated tests. With the ability to read data from and write it directly to Qt objects and call the objects’ native methods, testers can create even more powerful Qt application tests with advanced verifications.

Currently, TestComplete’s installation package includes support for Qt 4.8.0. Support for earlier versions is provided in from of patches. You can download them from the SmartBear website for free.

Get started with Testing Qt Applications and try TestComplete for free.
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