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New things to note in TestComplete Mobile 10.6

SoapUI NG, ServiceV Pro, and SoapUI integration with TestComplete Mobile

  • TestComplete Mobile10.6 allows you to add, run, and report on functional API tests created using SoapUI NG Pro and ServiceV Pro, functional API testing and service virtualization tools part of the Ready! API.
  • With TestComplete Mobile10.6, you also can add, run, and report on API tests created using SoapUI, which is SmartBear's free and open source API testing tool.

TestComplete Mobile plug-in for Jenkins

  • TestComplete Mobile 10.6 comes with a new plug-in for Jenkins. This means, unlike previously, you don't have to execute the automated tests through a command line interface.  Launching TestComplete Mobile and executing the desired test project can be done directly from Jenkins builds. Also, once tests are executed, the results get automatically updated to Jenkins.

Support for iOS hybrid applications

  • Use TestComplete 10.6 to test iOS hybrid applications that use the UIWebView and WKWebView controls to display web pages.

Automatic instrumentation of iOS Swift applications

  • You can now instrument iOS Swift applications directly using TestComplete Mobile's wizards and dialogs. There is no need to prepare your Swift applications for testing using Xcode IDE.

Bug fixes and other improvements...


  • Support for Swift.
  • Support for iOS 8.1 - 8.1.1.
  • Automatic instrumentation of iOS8 applications.
  • Enhanced Unit Testing Support for Mobile - Support for JUnit, TestNG, PyUnit, Ruby, PHPUnit and NUnit frameworks.





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