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TestComplete Platform has an open flexible architecture that makes creating, maintaining, and executing automated tests across desktop, web, mobile easy, speedy, and cost effective. Some of the powerful features of TestComplete Platform that demonstrate its flexibly and ease of use include:

  • Support for multiple scripting languages
  • Record robust automated tests without knowing scripting
  • Write regression tests that don't fail when UI changes
  • Perform Data Driven testing
  • Create custom plugins and extensions


Keyword Testing

TestComplete Platform offers numerous built-in keyword-driven testing operations that allow you to easily perform various automated software testing actions on desktop, web, or mobile applications. Moreover, in order to create these powerful keyword tests no programming skills are necessary.

Automated Test Visualizer

TestComplete Platform's built-in Automated Test Visualizer captures and displays screenshots of each operation performed on the tested application, thereby providing a visual overview of the entire test flow. Most importantly, in case a test fails, these snapshots significantly reduce the debugging time required by a developer.

Automated Test Recording

TestComplete Platform includes a powerful point-and-click Automated Test Recording Engine that helps you create tests quickly and easily. The Automated Recording Engine records all your actions as automated test commands, so everyone in your organization can start creating automated tests from day one.


Plugins and Extensions

TestComplete Platform's open architecture ensures you can extend TestComplete Platform's functionality and create plugins that meet your specific needs. In addition, you can even extend TestComplete Platform using easy-to-create script extensions.


TestComplete Platform comes with variety of built-in checkpoints that allow you to compare or verify operations during testing. Insert these checkpoints into your scripts or keyword tests during recording just by a simple drag and drop.

Test Editor and Debugger

TestComplete Platform comes with a code editor which makes it extremely easy to write, view, and manage automated test scripts. It provides features such as autocompletion to enable you to type faster and avoid syntax errors. Additionally, using TestComplete Platform's powerful debugger, you can create breakpoints and even pause automated test execution manually.

Distributed Testing

TestComplete Platform has an inbuilt integration with TestExecute, a light-weight, resource-friendly add-on feature that allows testers to run automated tests and view test results on workstations that do not have TestComplete Platform installed.

Object Based Recording

Unlike other automated testing tools that work at image or coordinate level, TestComplete Platform's automated tests use the object-based approach. This means your regression or unit tests don't fail when application's GUI changes or when controls are moved, added, or resized.

Test Reporting

TestComplete Platform generates detailed logs of all actions performed during automated testing. This in turn helps testers perform deep analysis of automated test results and quickly locate and fix errors.

Data Driven Testing

With TestComplete Platform, you can separate test logic from test data and check how the application handles various inputs without creating a lot of similar tests with different data sets. Not only this, using TestComplete Platform's integrated data generator, you can even quickly create large volumes of random yet realistic test data within TestComplete.

Regression Testing

TestComplete Platform makes it extremely easy for you to manage, run, and analyze regression tests. You can even easily create checkpoints on the fly to test for images, text, and other values after the test has been recorded.


Experior offers a variety of training options that enable testers to get up and running with TestComplete easily and quickly. These training packages are available for both novice as well as experienced TestComplete users.



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