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TestComplete Web helps you create automated GUI and functional tests for websites, web apps, and mobile web applications. TestComplete Web gives you the power to create robust web tests within short amount of time. For instance, using TestComplete Web, you can not only recognize individual elements on web pages, but even access internal methods and properties of a page.

TestComplete Web comes with numerous features that make automating web testing efficient and effective. Some of these features include support for:

  • Selenium.
  • Browser Compatibility testing.
  • Browser Screenshots.
  • JavaScript and HTML5 testing.
  • Controlling native browser menus and JavaScript alerts and dialogs.
  • Testing web apps opened in Adobe Flash Player.
  • Web Browser control built into desktop apps.
  • Rich Internet Applications: Flash, Flex, AIR, Silverlight


Create Robust Cross Bowser Tests Easily and Quickly

TestComplete Web allows you to verify the functionality and reliability of your web sites and web applications in different browsers through a single test.

  • Build robust automated tests for most popular browsers without writing a single line of script code.
  • Run one test against multiple browsers to save time and effort.
  • Frequently released patches ensure you can test newer browser versions without wasting time.
  • Automate functional testing of HTML5 web content and dynamic controls such as AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Extend TestComplete's platform to meet your specific testing needs.
  • Choose among VBScript, JScript, C++Script, C#Script, and DelphiScript as scripting languages


Get More Insights From Your Selenium WebDriver Tests

TestComplete Web allows you to add, run, and report on Selenium WebDriver tests, thereby building upon the large benefits Selenium WebDriver provides.

  • TestComplete Web captures screenshots, which makes debugging of Selenium scripts easier.
  • Support for JUnit, TestNG, PyUnit, Ruby, PHPUnit, and NUnit Selenium frameworks.
  • Add, edit, and run Selenium WebDriver tests from TestComplete Web interface.
  • Use reporting module of TestComplete Web for high-level and deep analysis of your test results.
  • Scale your Selenium tests and run them securely in the cloud or  virtual systems using TestExecute.
  • Reuse Selenium test scripts created by development in existing QA projects


Use One Test Across Multiple Mobile Web Apps

TestComplete Web allows you to create automated GUI tests and functional tests even for mobile web apps. You even can use a single automated test to test across different mobile devices.

  • Create automated GUI and functional tests for multiple mobile devices with different aspect ratios and screen resolutions.
  • Get started quickly using predefined browser profiles available for iPhone, iPad, Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry and other popular devices.
  • Easily spot UI inconsistencies using automatic screenshots captured by TestComplete Web at every test step.
  • Create keyword and data driven tests to simulate different test actions over your tested mobile web application.
  • Ensure your web apps adapt to different phones and tablets in portrait and landscape modes.


Reliably Find and Check UI Objects Even When Layout Changes

TestComplete Web provides multiple ways to identify and check objects inside web applications, so you can choose the one that best suits your experience and testing scenario.

  • Create tests at object level and not at object or coordinate level, thereby ensuring regression tests don't fail when GUI changes.
  • Locate elements using XPath notation or by one or more property values.
  • Get direct access to underlying DOM elements, attributes, methods and CSS attributes.
  • Create web testing checkpoints to verify page contents, including images, MAILTO link, Java applets among many others.


Perform Continuous Integration

TestComplete Web lets you integrate tests into other tools in your development ecosystem, allowing you to connect your web automated tests to build systems, profiling tools, and defect tracking tool

  • Automatically attach test logs and bug reports to defect tracking tools such as Axosoft OnTime and Atlassian JIRA.
  • Run regression tests as a part of automated builds.
  • Integrate with profiling and debugging tool AQtime improve application quality.
  • Seamless integration available between TestComplete and Visual Studio.
  • Integrate with source control systems like Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Team Coherence, and other Microsoft SCCI-compatible systems.
  • Run your tests on cloud or virtual systems using TestExecute


Test Third-Party Web Controls

TestComplete Web enables comprehensive GUI testing applications by providing out-of-the-box support for third-party controls of various types.

  • TestComplete Web provides support for development controls such as Developer Express, Telerik and Microsoft among others.
  • Support for technology controls such as Flex, Flash, and Sencha Ext JS among many others.
  • Use built-in checkpoints to ensure your website conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.



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