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Testing .NET Applications

TestComplete is a comprehensive automated testing tool for .NET applications that boasts several industry firsts, especially a uniquely flexible, user-oriented approach. Equally suitable for both experienced test engineers and those who are new to testing, TestComplete offers visual as well as scripted test creation, supports a full range of testing types and includes all of the features needed to perform thorough automated testing with minimal effort.

Get started with Testing your .NET Applications and try TestComplete for free.

Visual Studio Integration

TestComplete is an industry leading, yet affordable testing companion to the Visual Studio development environment. Seamless integration between the two environments allows you to better integrate development and testing activities within the development cycle. There are three important aspects of integration between TestComplete and Visual Studio development platform:

Technology Support

TestComplete uses smart object recognition and recording to automate interaction with Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET Web Forms and HTML5 objects and create robust and repeatable, automated, functional tests. Its intelligent test recorder captures object-aware actions (such as item selection, text input, checking/unchecking and more) and produces robust and flexible automated tests that are resistant to the application’s UI changes. The tested .NET objects are utilized in automated tests by the same names used in the application code, which facilitates collaboration between testing and development groups and makes it easy to apply in agile development processes.

Visual Studio Project Integration

TestComplete integrates a special test type named TestComplete 9 with Microsoft Visual Studio. This allows running of TestComplete projects as part of Visual Studio tests, including test runs on remote computers using a Visual Studio test controller and test agents. Additionally, TestComplete tests can be integrated into Visual Studio team builds, publish test results to a work item database and create reports.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration

While Visual Studio Project integration allows access to TestComplete tests from within the Visual Studio IDE, Team Foundation Server integration provides access to version control, change management and defect tracking services from within the TestComplete IDE. TestComplete users can manage their test scripts and test data with as well as submit defect reports directly from test reports, or even submit defects programmatically as they are detected in TestComplete.

Support for Third-Party .NET Controls

TestComplete provides full-scale support for many custom .NET controls and libraries, including those supplied by Developer Express, Infragistics, Syncfusion and other vendors in order to easily automate in-depth UI testing of .NET applications that include third-party controls. And by using the TestComplete SDK, developers and testers can add automated testing support for other non-standard .NET controls.
Object-Based Recording for .NET

The automated test recording engine records object-based operations, such as choosing a menu item, selecting or clearing a check box, clicking tree nodes and so on. Such tests are more robust than coordinate-based automated tests, they do not fail if the applications UI changes and the tests can be played back with little or no modifications.

Scripting Support for Test Automation

TestComplete is the only tool that provides the choice of scripting languages for the testing projects. You can chose between VBScript, JScript, C++Script, C#Script and even DelphiScript as scripting languages for your tests. Together with Team Foundation Server integration and Visual Studio integration and the powerful built-in function library TestComplete allows you to architect, maintain and manage your test scripts following the same practices that you use for the application source code. Automated test scripts can call Windows API, DLL and WMI functions, .NET and Java classes, ADO and BDE database access functions and use ActiveX and COM objects. This way, you can verify the application state and behavior far beyond the user interface.

Direct Access to .NET Classes

TestComplete provides direct access to .NET classes — both intrinsic .NET Framework classes and those defined in the tested .NET application and in arbitrary .NET assemblies. This way, you can extend the functionality of automated tests with .NET classes and functions, make use of testing utilities developed in .NET and even test .NET class interfaces.

Get started with Testing your .NET Applications and try TestComplete for free.

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