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Testing Flash Applications

Effective Automated Flash Testing

TestComplete is a comprehensive automated testing tool for applications created with a wide range of development tools and technologies, including Flash applications. TestComplete is equally suitable for experienced and novice testers and allows all members of your QA team to get involved in performing and automating all essential testing types on your Flash applications, including GUI testing, regression testing and data-driven testing.

TestComplete offers testers everything they need to effectively automate the testing of Flash applications: from a professional IDE for creating, managing, running and debugging automated tests and analyzing test reports to a wide range of built-in library functions and productivity tools. It allows non-technical and novice testers to perform test automation using visual table-like keyword tests and at the same time offers technically savvy testers a choice of scripting languages for implementing advanced testing scenarios. This way, every member of your QA team can participate in automated testing, so that you can guarantee the highest quality of your Flash products.

Testing Flash Applications Out of the Box

TestComplete provides several ways to enable Flash applications for automated testing, including dynamic instrumentation that does not require any changes in the application’s code. This means that you can test exactly the same SWF file that will be used by your end-users.

Robust Test Recording and Playback

Using TestComplete’s point-and-click test recorder, testers can easily create automated tests by simply recording necessary steps. The captured GUI actions are object-aware rather than coordinate-aware, so that the resulting tests are robust and resistant to changes in the application’s UI. TestComplete also offers low-level recording and playback modes, which allows testers to simulate exact mouse motions, clicks and key presses in the tested Flash application at a specific speed.

Comprehensive Application Verification

TestComplete offers a variety of built-in software testing checkpoints that help testers easily verify data in the tested Flash applications. It also includes the OCR functionality to help testers retrieve and verify data from images and graphic objects.

Access to Native Methods and Properties of Flash Objects

Automated testing with TestComplete is not limited to GUI automation. In addition to interacting with GUI elements, TestComplete gives testers access to native ActionScript objects, methods and properties of the Flash application under test. This enables testers to enhance automated tests with custom operations provided by the application’s ActionScript API and comprehensively verify Flash applications beyond the GUI.

Get started with Testing Flash Applications and try TestComplete for free.

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