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Testing Silverlight Applications with TestComplete

Microsoft Silverlight is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework that enables developers to create solutions that deliver multimedia, graphics and animation through browsers, or standalone Windows applications. Just as it is the case with Flash and Flex technologies, Silverlight offers the promise of smooth and reliable cross-platform RIA solution.

Testing Silverlight

Automated Testing of Silverlight Applications

TestComplete records user interactions with the Silverlight application, the browser and the operating system and it allows for the recordings to be edited, appended, or simply played back in consequent test runs. By adding checkpoints to your recorded tests you can also automate validation of the test runs. During each run TestComplete evaluates the checkpoints and after the run it generates a report that shows you an overview of all the tests that you run and the results of all the checkpoints.

How TestComplete works with Silverlight

TestComplete can access all Silverlight application objects, forms, methods and properties provided by the Silverlight application. It then builds a Name Map that contains the complete hierarchy of all the objects in the Application Under Test (AUT). In addition to creating recordings that are based on objects and their properties and methods, you can use objects and their methods and properties to automate test validation, reporting and to customize your tests. When needed, you can also take advantage of low-level analog recording and playback to simulate exact mouse motions, clicks and key presses at a specific speed. For a more in-depth look, watch this recorded webinar Testing Silverlight Applications With TestComplete from our Support Site.
Modifying Recorded Tests and Creating Custom Test Scripts

TestComplete allows you to create tests visually and via scripts. The recorded tests can be modified and enhanced in a number of ways to create more flexible and efficient tests. For example, you can:
  •     Add new operations, reorder operations and modify their parameters.
  •     Delete or disable unnecessary operations (for example, superfluous recorded operations).
  •     Insert checkpoints for verifying objects and values in the tested application.
  •     Create data-driven tests that run multiple test iterations using different sets of data.
Validating Silverlight Tests with Checkpoints

TestComplete offers a variety of built-in checkpoints that enable you to automate verification of different aspects of the tested Silverlight applications — including automation for complex controls like tree views or hierarchical grids. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced image verifications are also available for verification of data in images and graphic objects.
Testing Silverlight in Multiple Browsers

TestComplete supports Silverlight plugins in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and it also allows you to have a single test for different supported browsers. Out-of-browser (standalone) Silverlight applications are supported as well.

Get started with Testing Silverlight Applications and try TestComplete for free.

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