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Visual Basic Applications

Automated Testing of Visual Basic Applications

TestComplete is a comprehensive automated testing tool for Visual Basic applications that boasts several industry firsts, especially a uniquely flexible, user-oriented approach. Equally suitable for both experienced test engineers and those who are new to testing, TestComplete offers visual as well as scripted test creation, supports a full range of essential testing types and includes all of the features needed to perform thorough automated testing with minimal effort.
Effective Automated Visual Basic Application Testing

TestComplete provides out-of-the-box support for Visual Basic applications and automates all kinds of internal and UI testing. Its easy-to-use environment, rapid test development tools and features provides you with all the power you need to perform effective automated testing in less time. Famous for its ability to “automate the non-automatable”, TestComplete allows you to perform an unlimited range of testing-related tasks — almost anything you can imagine. Whether you need to test standard or ActiveX Visual Basic applications, to automate functional GUI, unit or regression testing — TestComplete helps you test faster, more reliably and saves you money.

Smart Object Recognition and Recording

TestComplete can automate major Visual Basic controls, including complex controls like trees, lists and menus. Its intelligent test recorder captures high-level object-aware operations (item selection, button click, checking/unchecking and more) rather than raw coordinate clicks, so that automated tests are flexible and resistant to the application’s UI changes. Low-level analog recording is also possible, in case you need to simulate exact mouse motions, clicks and key presses at a specific speed.

Access to Internal Methods and Properties of Application Objects

TestComplete gives testers the power to do much more than just capture-playback automation. It gives automated tests access not only to all onscreen Visual Basic objects, but also to all internal methods and properties of application objects — with no changes in the application. So, TestComplete’s automated tests can read data directly from and write it to Visual Basic application objects, call the objects’ native methods, and thus test behind-the-scenes activities and verify even the most hidden elements.

Automated Unit Testing

Being an all-in-one automated testing tool, TestComplete can perform not only functional (GUI) testing of Visual Basic applications, but also unit testing, so that test automation can be introduced in the early stages of application development. It provides a special framework for writing unit tests for Visual Basic applications as well as a visual interface to manage test classes and methods, run the selected tests and view their results. Or, using TestComplete’s access to internal elements of Visual Basic applications, testers can simply write unit tests within test scripts.

Get started with Testing Visual Basic Applications and try TestComplete for free.

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