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Web Testing

TestComplete fully supports web application functional testing. Use it to verify the functionality and reliability of your web sites and web applications before the go live. Create a web test in one browser in run it in others with little or no changes at all.

Web Testing With TestComplete

Cross-Browser Testing with TestComplete

Web testing or functional testing of web applications is aimed at verifying the functionality and reliability of your websites and web applications before they go live. TestComplete fully supports front-end web testing. It can simulate user actions through the browser and detect the web page’s state so that web applications can be tested on the front end with web testing while on the back end with load testing.. Learn more

TestComplete allows you to record tests in one browser and then play them back in any other supported browser with minimal, or no customizations. Learn more

HTML5 Application Testing

Testing AIR Applications

HTML5 is an emerging standard for cross-platform web application development. With TestComplete you can automate testing of your HTML5 web sites across different browsers and verify content including new HTML5 tags, web forms, JavaScript and CSS3 content. Learn more TestComplete helps you get comprehensive automated AIR testing done faster, more reliably and with minimum costs. Learn more

Testing Flash Applications

Testing Flex Applications

The only tool of its kind capable of “automating the non-automatable”, TestComplete helps you get comprehensive automated Flash testing done with maximum return on investment. Learn more With TestComplete, testers can choose from multiple approaches of testing Flex applications, including:

- Debug Version of Adobe Flash Player
- FlexClient Library
- TestComplete Runtime loader

Learn more

Testing Silverlight Applications with TestComplete

Mobile Web Testing

TestComplete records user interactions with the Silverlight application, the browser and the operating system and it allows for the recordings to be edited, appended, or simply played back in consequent test runs. Learn more Mobile Web apps can be tested with TestComplete on the desktop using Google Chrome’s mobile browser emulation. You can create automated GUI tests and functional tests of your mobile Web apps, and make sure they work fluently on multiple mobile devices with different aspect ratios and screen resolutions. Learn more

3rd Party Web Controls


TestComplete provides extended support for the most popular components and standard controls, so that automated testers can record and playback high-level actions on these controls and easily set and retrieve their data. Learn more  


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