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Web Testing With TestComplete

Since web testing interacts with the client side of web applications, it can be performed regardless of their server side implementation — CGI, ASP, PHP and others.

TestComplete provides numerous features for automating your web testing efficiently:

Support for Modern Browsers

TestComplete enables you to test your web applications in most popular browsers:
  •     Internet Explorer 7—11 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  •     Mozilla Firefox 24—26
  •     Google Chrome 32
  •     Opera 12, 17, 18
  •     Apple Safari 5.1.7

As the Firefox and Chrome browsers update frequently, we release patches that provide support for newer browser versions. You can download these patches for free from the SmartBear web site.

Creating Web Tests With Ease

With TestComplete’s point-and-click test recorder, creating web tests is as easy as browsing through your web application. TestComplete automatically captures all actions that you perform inside the Internet browser, such as web page loading, link navigation, data entry and retrieval, form submission, actions over controls and other activities. You can just as easy record checkpoints for verifying the application objects, add conditional and flow control logic. All of this can be done entirely using visual keyword tests and without writing a single line of script code!

Cross-Browser Testing

TestComplete's functional web tests are cross-browser. After you create tests, you can run them with minimal or no changes in all the supported web browsers. Cross-browser support includes not only the test object names and hierarchy, but also unified approach for working with browser messages and dialogs and objects' data.

Enhanced Support for Web Controls

TestComplete enables comprehensive GUI testing of ASP.NET applications by providing out-of-the-box support for third-party controls of various types:
  •     ASP.NET controls by Developer Express, Infragistics, Telerik and other vendors
  •     Flash, Flex, AIR and Silverlight
  •     JQuery UI
  •     Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  •     Yahoo UI Library
  •     MooTools and many other controls

With TestComplete, you can easily automate form entry and submissions, link navigation as well as control-specific operations like grid sorting, calendar date selection and much more.

TestComplete checkpoints help you automatically verify the results of the entered data and the state of your web UI elements.

Flexible Object Identification

TestComplete provides multiple ways to identify and locate objects inside web applications, so you can choose the one that best suits your experience and testing scenario.

  •     Search elements by one or more property values
  •     Locate elements using XPath notation.

Integrated Web Page Checks

Built-in checkpoints help you thoroughly verify your web application during web testing. For example, you can verify that that your website conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. With web testing checkpoints, you can:

  •     Verify the entire web page contents, only its tag structure or only the contents of certain elements.
  •     Verify the contents and state of individual web page elements.
  •     Verify that all links on the web page are valid.
  •     Verify that all images on the web page have alternative text specified.
  •     Verify that the page contains MAILTO links.
  •     Check whether the page contains Java applets.
  •     And much more!

Access to DOM Elements, Attributes and Methods

TestComplete not only provides high-level operations for automating web page objects, it gives you direct access to underlying DOM elements, attributes, methods and CSS attributes. This allows you to perform advanced verifications, for example, check inline and computed styles of the application objects.

Running JavaScript Inside Web Pages

TestComplete supports directly calling JavaScript functions in tested web pages and using the returned results in your tests. When testing web applications that use JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, this allows you to more effectively manipulate web page elements and retrieve data from them using jQuery API functions.

Programmatically Changing Browser Options

If you need to test against different browser configurations, there’s no need to automate Internet Explorer’s Options dialog or Firefox’s about:config page to activate the required settings. Instead, TestComplete provides you with direct access to browser options through the dedicated test objects. This way you can easily enable and disable cache, cookies and popup blocker, change Internet Explorer security zone settings for your tested web site and many other settings — using just a few simple method calls.

Get started with Web Testing and try TestComplete for free.
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