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Windows Store Application Testing

With TestComplete, you can test Windows Store applications that use the Modern UI (formerly Metro) interface on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Whether you develop XAML-based or JavaScript-based Windows store applications, TestComplete helps you ensure high application quality before Windows Store submission or enterprise distribution.

WinJS, JavaScript and HTML5 Application Testing

For Windows Store apps built using HTML5, JavaScript and WinJS, TestComplete provides for automated Web testing for all of these technologies, including:
  • Automatic test recording, replay and scripting.
  • Complete HTML DOM access, including native DOM properties and methods for advanced testing scenarios.
  • Out-of-the-box support for standard HTML controls, jQuery UI, and other UI libraries.
  • Flexible object identification using GUI object map, XPath or CSS selectors.

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XAML-Based Testing

TestComplete supports out-of-the-box testing of XAML-based Windows Store applications – there’s no need to recompile or change your apps in any way to make them testable. TestComplete identifies all UI objects in XAML-based apps, enabling automated tests to interact with apps just like end users.

Creating and maintaining automated tests could not be easier. Just record your actions when you interact with the tested application, or add objects and action keywords (Click, Keys and others) to your existing KDT tests. For the more experienced testers, scripted testing is also available.

Maintainable GUI Testing

TestComplete records high-level object-based tests that work on different screen sizes and don’t break even if the app layout changes. The visual keyword test editor lets you enhance existing tests with checkpoints and conditional logic – without any programming knowledge needed.

Comprehensive App Validation

TestComplete provides a variety of checkpoints to thoroughly check and verify your Windows Store apps. Automated tests can check the object data, properties and visual appearance against the expected results, so you can quickly detect any functionality and display issues, without having to do it manually.

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