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WPF Applications

This comprehensive automated testing tool that helps QA teams automate their functional, unit, regression and other testing types for a wide variety of application types, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. The industry’s most feature-rich yet affordable test automation solution, TestComplete, allows any company to benefit from test automation by ensuring the highest quality of their WPF products, releasing new versions on time and lowering the QA and software testing costs.

Get started with Testing WPF Applications and try TestComplete for free.

Effective Automated WPF Testing

TestComplete offers superior support for WPF applications and automates various testing types and scenarios, from front-end UI testing to back-end data validation. Equally suitable for testers of all skill levels, TestComplete offers script-free keyword-driven tests and capture-playback tools for novice testers and provides multiple scripting languages (VBScript, JScript and others) and powerful tools for expert test engineers. Built-in checkpoints, a rich function library and a versatile IDE aid in creating, debugging, managing and running automated WPF tests and analyzing test results - Microsoft Visual Studio and source control integration are also supported — these are only a few of TestComplete's automated testing features are designed to boost QA productivity and improve WPF testing. The only tool of its kind capable to “automate the non automatable”, TestComplete gives testers total power and control over the automated testing process, so that they can test WPF applications more effectively, in less time and at lower costs.

Access to Internal Methods and Properties of WPF Objects

TestComplete can dig deeper into applications like no other automated testing tool can. Without any changes in the WPF application, TestComplete provides testers with access to all of its internal objects and their properties, fields and methods for WPF testing. This allows testers to go beyond simple record-playback and test WPF applications behind the UI — obtain data directly from WPF objects, write the modified data back to objects, call the objects’ native methods — and verify even the application’s hidden functionality.

Full Access to the .NET API

TestComplete gives testers full access to the .NET API — both intrinsic .NET Framework classes and those defined in the WPF application and in arbitrary .NET assemblies. This way, testers create even more powerful WPF tests by extending them with .NET routines and classes. This also enables testers to call their custom .NET test utilities from TestComplete automated tests and even test .NET class interfaces while performing WPF Testing.

UI Automation Support for WPF Testing

TestComplete's support for the Microsoft UI Automation technology helps you test the application’s accessibility as well as automating UI manipulations. Testers can use properties and methods exposed by UI Automation providers to obtain various information about the application’s UI elements and simulate any possible user interaction during WPF Testing.

Get started with Testing WPF Applications and try TestComplete for free.

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