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Ranorex 5.4.5 released

Posted on 29 January 2016

Ranorex 5.4.5 Release (January 29, 2016)

General changes/Features

  •     Added support for instrumenting iOS Swift apps
  •     Added support for QQuickWidget and QGraphicsWebView Qt controls
  •     Fixed unhandled exception on startup of internal PerformanceLogger
  •     The 'name' attribute of Java AWT/Swing windows is returned if available, but by default not used in RanoreXPath
  •     Fixed unhandled exception in the new recording dialog if a device connection times out
  •     Fixed exception when instrumenting an iOS IPA file with a dot in the CFBundleExecutable name of its Info.Plist
  •     Fixed instrumentation of iOS IPA files containing additional framework assemblies (Swift, Cocoa, ...)
  •     Fixed instrumentation of iOS IPA files with a mobileprovision file containing empty open/close tags
  •     Fixed retrieval of dynamic attribute values for QGraphics items
  •     Fixed WebDocument.Close method to work for DOMs in Edge
  •     Fixed setting the InnerText value of textarea elements in Firefox to work correctly
  •     Fixed JS dialog windows in Firefox to be correctly identified
  •     Fixed the IE addon not being used for non-top level DOM elements (residing underneath the IE form element)
  •     Removing an argument from a user code action using the argument editor no longer causes renaming of other arguments
  •     Fixed unhandled exceptions that may be thrown when invoking a touch on an element using Spy's image navigator
  •     Fixed a possible NullReferenceException when removing a node in the test suite editor
Tags: Ranorex Automated Testing News
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