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Secure Pro offers a new approach for API security testing

Posted on 3 May 2015

Secure Pro offers a new approach for API security testing that simplifies digital safety for web service teams. Secure Pro, part of SmartBear's Ready! API family, is a brand new approach to API security testing, covering common areas of risk for both modern REST and traditional SOAP Web services.

With the broadening adoption of APIs, security over Web services is paramount. As data breaches in back-end systems become increasingly prevalent, deep security testing remains a luxury item for many software teams. API providers often do not have the combination of security analysis skills and technical context on their APIs within the same individuals. This skill deficit represents a significant risk in APIs that can only be satisfied with conscious security testing by those who know their APIs best.

Secure Pro empowers development and testing teams with an affordable way to quickly scan APIs for security problems as part of their existing delivery lifecycle. With this new ability to perform security testing earlier and more frequently, software teams can minimize risk of data breaches in production and be prepared for successful compliance audits as part of their normal operations.

While APIs simplify how we connect everything, they also represent the largest increase in surface area for potential hackers since the dot com boom. Teams who build and ship APIs as part of great digital experiences need to rethink traditional approaches to security.

With Secure Pro, SmartBear provides development and testing teams with the power to:

  •     Run threat analysis over REST and SOAP Web services to identify common security problems
  •     Analyze patterns of API communication and review suggestions on corrective actions
  •     Scan Web services for non-API security considerations such as sensitive file exposure
  •     Run security scans over either a single request or multi-step transactions
  •     Ensure that APIs work properly, are safe and achieve high performance and scalability goals

For more information on Secure Pro visit /index.php?id=1150494 or contact us

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