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Posted in API Testing

Secure Pro offers a new approach for API security testing

Posted on 3 May 2015
Secure Pro offers a new approach for API security testing that simplifies digital safety for web service teams. Secure Pro, part of SmartBear's Ready! API family, is a brand new approach to API security testing, covering common areas of risk for both modern REST and traditional SOAP Web services.

With the broadening adoption of APIs, security over Web services is paramount. As data breaches in back-end systems become increasingly prevalent, deep security testing remains a luxury i...
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Posted on 24 April 2015
CHALLENGE OF CONTINUOUS DELIVERY Companies today are compelled to develop and test products in a much shorter release cycle to stay competitive in the market place. Add to that, market expectations that these products need to be released on multiple platforms and devices. The old linear fashion of developing software is therefore undergoing a change. The Lean Startup Concept of releasing "minimum value product" to the market and then using customer feedback to build iteratively...
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TestComplete and QAComplete Now Integrated with World's Leading API Testing Tools

Posted on 12 March 2015
TestComplete and QAComplete Now Integrated with World's Leading API Testing Tools TestComplete 10.6 and QAComplete 10 have been released. With this release, TestComplete and QAComplete are now integrated with SoapUI, the most used API testing tool in the world, as well as with SoapUI NG and ServiceV, tools that are part of the Ready! API family, the first fully integrated and extensible platform for building reliable, scalable and secure APIs. Customers deploying the new versions are ...
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Live Webinar: API Performance in a Consumer-Driven World

Posted on 5 March 2015
Concerned about API performance? If you're not, you should be. Even as API providers, we are all consumers. Applications are increasingly evaluated against consumer-driven expectations, but how do you ensure that you're always meeting these expectations? One critical component
to delivering a great application is delivering a high-performing API your API needs to be better, faster and stronger. Register for the webinar  Wednesday, March 11th at 1...
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Collaborator now offers an API to allow integration with 3rd party tools.

Posted on 20 February 2015
Pleased to report that Collaborator now offers an external API that can be used by customers to integrate with 3rd party tools. What's really great is the new JSON API is that it is easily consumable.  As a quick example; you can add an MS Office add-in to Word that would allow a user to click a button to attach a document to a review.  Within a few hours one of the SmartBear developers, who hadn't done any work on the API, was able to build the add-in.  "Wi...
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