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TestComplete 10.3 is out!

Posted on 10 June 2014

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Recording Tests for Instrumented iOS Applications

Now you can record tests against instrumented applications on iOS devices. Now you can use TestComplete to record and playback automated tests on both Android and iOS native apps. With our powerful object recognition functionality, your recorded mobile tests can withstand GUI changes over time, providing a robust and durable test framework.

Important: Applications instrumented with earlier versions of TestComplete Agent library will become unavailable to the current version of TestComplete. To make your iOS applications available, recompile them with the TestComplete Agent library shipped with the current TestComplete version.

Automatic Instrumentation of Android Applications.

To create object-based tests for Android applications, you need to prepare your Android application for testing. You do this by compiling the application with the PatchServices library that is shipped along with TestComplete. TestComplete 10.3 simplifies this process by automatically adding the library into your .apk file. It can do this when you are adding an application to the Tested Applications list of your TestComplete project, or any time later. For detailed information, see "Instrumenting Android Applications in TestComplete" in the online help.

Additional Mobile Testing Improvements

TestComplete 10.3 introduces support for iOS version 7.1 and the latest version 7.1.1 that have been released recently.

  • Now you can use TestComplete to test both 32- and 64-bit iOS code.
  • TestComplete’s Test Visualizer now captures screenshots for Android Open applications during test recording and test running. We've improved our  image captures as well, so you can always rely on them for accuracy during your testing.
  • We've added new Android properties that allow you more interoperability with the device itself:

-A new Connections property has been added to the Device object. You can use this property to access BluetoothEnabled and WiFiEnabled properties   that allow you to enable or disable the device's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
- New GPSEnabled and AllowMockLocations properties has been added to the GPS object. The former allows you to enable or disable GPS during test, while the latter changes the "Allow mock locations" developer option.
- New CurrentLocaleName property and ChangeLocale method have been added to the Device object. The former allows you to get the current device's locale, while the latter allows to change it.
- New GetOrientation, SetOrientation and ResetOrientation methods of the Desktop object provide a way to rotate the mobile devices screen or get its current orientation.
- Number picker wPosition property has been renamed wValue. NumberPicker.wPosition is still supported for backwards compatibility.
- Zoom controls ZoomIn and ZoomOut methods have a new Count parameter, specifying the number of simulated touches.

New Variable Type - Password

TestComplete 10.3 supports a new Password type for keyword-test, project and project suite variables. You can use the new type to store passwords and other sensitive data in your test projects and use them in tests without revealing them. For detailed information on using the new variable type, see "Working With Passwords and Other Sensitive Data" in the online help.

Extended Support for Third-Party Controls

TestComplete now provides support for the latest version of the Telerik RadControls for Silverlight, ASP.NET and WinForms - Q1 2014.

TestComplete also now provides support for the following versions of jQuery UI controls: 1.10.3 and 1.10.4

Licensing Changes

Now you can deactivate and move product licenses up to ten times (in previous versions of the product, it was possible to do it only three times).

Other improvements

A new aqObject.EmptyObject property has been added. You can use this property to get the null object in any scripting language.

  • The Always start a new test setting option has become deprecated and has been removed from TestComplete. Now TestComplete always creates a new test when you start recording.
  • Now you can rename test items and test item groups on the Test Items page of the Project editor by using the Rename command of the Test Items page’s context menu.
  • You can now specify file names in operation parameters using the File Name value type rather than just a string. This lets you browse for the needed file on your computer or the local network.
  • The Keyword Test editor has new context menu commands - Go to Test and Go to Script Code. Use them to open the tests called by the Run Script Routine and Run Keyword Test operations.

Discontinued Support for AQdevTeam

TestComplete no longer supports AQdevTeam issue-tracking system.

Bug Fixes

Android Testing

  •     Fixed: TestComplete failed to record text input into text edit controls on Android virtual devices running Android ver. 4.4.2.
  •     Fixed: Using invalid parameter values in a Mobile.Device.ShellExecute() method call caused a crash in the Android Debug Bridge (adb).
  •     Fixed: TestComplete failed to record touches on ActionBar controls.
  •     Fixed: On Android 4.3 emulator, some tests were recorded differently than on other devices and Android versions.
  •     Fixed: TestComplete did not show a warning if an Android application was compiled with an old version of the PatchServices.jar library.
  •     Fixed a crash after pressing “Enable Android Agent” in the Mobile Screen window after disconnecting the device.
  •     Fixed a crash on opening the Mobile Screen window.

Keyword Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete did not find and replace text in keyword tests that were not opened in the editor.

Flex Testing

  •  Fixed: TestComplete failed to select items from custom Flex drop-down list controls.


  • Fixed: In certain cases, TestComplete did not display the Help | Check for Updates window.
  • Fixed: TestComplete was unable to add project files from a network folder to a source control system.
  • Fixed: A wrong position of the TestComplete button in the Windows 8 taskbar if the “Taskbar where window is open” option was used in Windows.
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