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Seamless testing of a wide range of desktop, web and mobile applications and support for many 3rd party controls and frameworks

Ranorex Studio offers easy-to-use test automation tools for creating reliable automated testing projects. Optimize your robust test automation frameworks with Ranorex Studio test any desktop, web or mobile application.



Ranorex Supports...

  • Test recording.
  • Automated test execution.
  • Object name mapping.
  • Data-driven testing with data generation wizards.
  • Object-driven testing.
  • Keyword-driven testing.
  • Test Visualizer.
  • Developing custom extensions.
  • Database testing support.
  • Integration with other tools.


Speed Time to Delivery

TestComplete Platform, which powers TestComplete Desktop. Web, and Mobile, helps you create repeatable and accurate automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments easily and quickly.

  • Novice testers can use record and playback feature, while scripted testing support is available for more experienced users.
  • Easily identify changes and reduce debugging time using test visualizer.
  • Download TestComplete and get it up and running in a matter of few minutes.
  • TestComplete's clear, intuitive, friendly, and customizable user interface ensures no training is required.
  • Use QAComplete TestComplete integration to manage, run, and analyze all kinds of automated and manual tests from a single interface.


Increase Release Quality

TestComplete Platform gives you an access to internal objects, methods, and properties of the application, allowing you to achieve testing speed and create robust tests across desktop, mobile, and web without compromising quality.
  • Increase test coverage and separate test logic from test data using TestComplete Platform's data-driven testing feature.
  • Choose among numerous checkpoints to verify or compare operations performed as part of an automated tests.
  • Automate regression tests and run them at the click of a button whenever developers add new functionality or change the code.
  • Extend TestComplete Platform to meet your specific testing needs.
  • Record powerful keyword tests without having to learn a scripting language.


Reduce Testing Costs

TestComplete Desktop, Mobile, and Web, powered by TestComplete Platform, not just reduce initial investment cost on a testing software, but also ensures you realize long term saving on test maintenance and support costs.

  • Buy what you need, when you need. Purchase desktop, web, and mobile licenses separately. No more paying for modules or features that you don't use!
  • Reduce test maintenance costs and ensure testing costs don't go up when application's interface changes by recording tests at object level and not at screen coordinate or image level.
  • Execute several automated tests on separate workstations simultaneously, without having to buy TestComplete platform or Desktop, Mobile, and Web license for each machine.
  • Run tests on cloud to reduce cost of ownership.


Perform Continuous Integration

With TestComplete Platform, you can connect TestComplete Desktop, Web, or Mobile tests to build systems, profiling tools, defect tracking, or other tools in your development ecosystem.

  • Run regression tests as a part of automated builds and  ensure problems caused by a recent code modifications are identified and fixed as soon as possible.
  • Automatically attach test logs and bug reports to defect tracking tools such as Axosoft OnTime and Atlassian JIRA.
  • Integrate with AQtime, HP Quality Center, and Visual Studio Team System to help developers improve application quality.
  • Seamless integration available with source control systems like Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Team Coherence, and other Microsoft SCCI-compatible systems.



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