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Latest Release Notes: LoadUI Pro 2.8

LoadUI Pro 2.8 is available now! Included in this release:


  • Start LoadUI Pro from Ready!API
  • Wizard for converting Ready! API  Test cases into LoadUI Pro Test Scenarios
  • MacOS installer is signed to allow easier installation in MacOS 10.9 Mavericks
  • New color theme

Bug fixes:

  • Sample projects were imported wrong (LOADUI-1565)
  • Closing application not asking to save modified projects (LOADUI-1586)
  • Wrong behavior when cancelling "save project" dialog (LOADUI-1636)


LoadUI Pro 2.7


  • With this latest release of LoadUI Pro, we are now able to support all of the new functionality released as part of SoapUI 5.0. We've also released some improvements and bug fixes, listed below.
  • You can now load test single REST requests via our new REST Runner.
  • Get more realistic load test results by testing all the elements of a web page using our brand new Web Runner. This new Web Runner downloads all the assets of a page so you can get more accurate and granular load test results from your web pages.
  • Run basic HTTP load tests like you've always been able to do using the HTTP Runner. This is the same Web Runner you know and love, but with a new name to more accurately reflect what it does.
  • You can now view your First Byte response time in order to get a more accurate picture of latency on your system.
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