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Ready! API is a true API Readiness platform that gives you both flexibility and power.

  • Set up your projects and workspaces in one central location
  • Customize your experience by building plugins or using existing ones
  • Write your own powerful test scripts in JavaScript or Groovy
  • Record HTTP traffic to discover APIs for testing or virtualization
  • Get all the data you need from our reporting and metrics engine


Make sure your API works as intended

Ready! API's testing module, SoapUI NG Pro, you can ensure that your REST and SOAP APIs perform the way you expect them to.

  • Use our powerful data-driven testing to read data from a variety of data sources and loop through it to run iterative tests over a set of data.
  • Discover APIs by recording HTTP traffic and pulling the requests you want into SoapUI NG Pro, using them to generate tests and service descriptions.
  • When your API changes, let SoapUI NG Pro read the service description and automatically refactor your API tests so you don't have to manually update them all.
  • Adding assertions and transferring properties from one test step to another is easy and fast with SoapUI NG Pro's "point and click" capabilities.


Verify your API's stability under load

Load testing your API is an important step in making sure that the end user experience is a positive one.

  • Ready! API's integrated platform includes the ability to load test an API or a virt to make sure it can stand up to any number of concurrent users.
  • Use existing functional tests under different load test scenarios without any rework needed to the basic tests.
  • Run several load test scenarios simultaneously to see how various conditions interact with each other and impact your API's performance.
  • Add assertions to force failures after certain amounts of time or request volume.
  • Use LoadUI NG Pro in conjunction with ServiceV Pro and VirtServer to run complex load scenarios against your virtualized assets so your APIs are not impacted by testing.


Make Sure It's Safe

The last thing you need is a data breach to bring your project to a halt and your company to its knees. With Ready! API's Secure Pro, you can make sure you put your APIs through all the paces by checking the security of your REST or SOAP transactions, all without incurring high licensing and time costs, to deliver safer APIs by default and on time.


Enable rapid development through virtualization

Ready! API's service virtualization module, ServiceV Pro, includes virtualization capabilities, allowing you to create virtual assets for parallel testing and development.
  • Create virts to mock specific API behavior for testing purposes when the API is still in development or is unavailable for some reason.
  • With ServiceV Pro, enable server-side simulations so you can test against your APIs under various conditions.


Ensure faster, more reliable integration with your API

Ready! API's virtualization capabilities can be extended by making use of our VirtServer, which allows you to share virts and virt control across various team members.

  • Share virts with other members of your team or with external developers building applications with your API.
  • Activate and de-activate virts to isolate access and ensure developers and testers are only using the most recent virts.
  • Manage your organization's virts through the VirtServer's management console that lets you deploy, activate, de-activate, and track virt usage.


Questions? Contact your local office or email or call +61 3 8376 6535


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