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Secure Pro 1.3 (Latest Release)

With this release, we're introducing the world's first and only API-focused security scanning tool, Ready! API Secure. This new product allows testing teams to deliver safer APIs in the same timeframes as traditional functional testing processes. Out-of-box scans for REST/JSON as well as SOAP/XML make the process of running deep security scans over API transmissions a matter of minutes, empowering people without a background in security to test the safety of their APIs quickly. Our introductory licensing model also makes Ready! API Secure a cost-effective approach to API security and a must-have for existing Ready! API customers.

Key features of Ready! API Secure include:

  • New REST-specific security scans, Invalid JSON Types and HTTP Method Fuzzing.
  • Analysis of Communication scans for Sensitive File Exposure and Weak Authentication.
  • Use existing API project descriptions to speed security testing and analysis.
  • Test one-off endpoints by simply pasting in the URL to your service.




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