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As the connected world grows, companies face more pressure to release high quality API solutions more quickly in order to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Using virtual APIs lets you develop and test in parallel while also providing third-party developers with a sandbox for their own integration testing. ServiceV Pro lets you create a library of virts so all your internal teams and external developers can build and test in an API sandbox without worrying about your production API.

The Ready! API platform includes ServiceV base functionality for creating and using mock services, no matter which tool you purchase.


Manage third-party integrations

If your business model includes making your APIs available to third-party developers for building external applications, you know the complications of providing a sandbox for their development needs.

  • Create virtual APIs with ServiceV Pro and share them on Ready! API's VirtServer so third-parties can build and test against your API without impacting production environments for you or them.
  • Provide the means for external developers to create a variety of test scenarios using your virtual API.
  • Make improvements and adjustments to your API without affecting external development that uses your API.
  • Enable external innovation by creating virts for use in hackathons and proof-of-concepts.


Enable parallel testing and development

Many of today's rapid development methodologies require that testing begins while code is still being created.

  • Use the virtual APIs created with ServiceV Pro so your testers can work while the API is in development.
  • Enable your various testing teams to work simultaneously by creating multiple variations of your API to simulate various conditions.
  • Add the VirtServer to share your virtual services with other teams for integration testing and coding.
  • Validate your API design prior to coding by making virts available to product managers and testers in the early phase of a project.


Load test APIs without disruption

One of the most common deterrents to performing in-depth load tests is the amount of disruption caused by stressing development or test environments that are in use for other purposes.

  • Enable your performance testers to run a variety of load tests without affecting other teams who need access to your API.
  • Use VirtServer in conjunction with ServiceV Pro to provide controlled and always-accessible environments for your performance team.
  • Use load test scenarios with a variety of environment simulations to validate your performance results when bandwidth and CPU constraints exist.


Reduce project risk and costs

Many applications today depend on APIs built by other teams or external companies.

  • Minimize the costs associated with using third-party APIs by eliminating the need to use those APIs directly.
  • Reduce delays caused by finding an issue in an API that affects your application testing, forcing you to wait for a fix.
  • Use ServiceV Pro with the VirtServer to provide access to an API that is still in design so you can find issues early in the project.





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